Friday, September 08, 2006

Mets Magic Number is 7

As huge of a Mets fan as I am, my dad is just as huge of a Yankees fan. I've got a Mets tatoo on my shoulder, he's got a Yankees one on his. In fact, when I was born, he wanted to name me "Seven" in honor of Mickey Mantle. A couple years he mentioned that to me and said he should have followed through, because then for sure I would have been a Yankees fan. I said "Why? Todd Pratt was a great Met!"

The Mets just keep rolling along. The Braves fans in my office had some hope of harassing me when they took the opener, but they were awfully quiet yesterday after the doubleheader sweep. Yesterday my friends and I were talking about facing Mike Piazza and the Padres in the first round of the playoffs, but the way the Mets shut down the Dodgers last night we could be very well be seeing L.A. in the first round...