Friday, March 30, 2007

News: Burgos and Milledge Make Opening Day Roster
Park Accepts Demotion to AAA
We Get To Keep Adkins

Even though I just wrote this morning that Burgos and Milledge would probably take the final two roster spots, I was still a bit shocked to read it was indeed true, and that Chan Ho Park had accepted a demotion to AAA.

Part of the reason I was so surprised was that Park was really, really good in his start today. Park was a last minute starter over Ambiorix Burgos. I wonder if there's something we don't know. Could Pelfrey be a question mark for his start on April 15, and it's now Park who will re-join the team to be the 5th starter? Just a passing thought, but...

Jon Adkins has been outrighted to AAA, and off the 40 man roster. So much for all that talk about him being out of options so he'd either have to be traded because he'd never pass through waivers. I don't understand all that stuff.

Transplanted ex-Mets Update: Kenny Rogers

According to the AP, former Mets and current Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers underwent surgery on his left shoulder today, removing a blood clot and repairing some arteries. He'll be out until at least the All Star Break.

2 Days To Decide 2 Roster Spots for 5 Players

With Ben Johnson and Anderson Hernandez sent to AAA, David Lennon says Omar Minaya is considering 5 players for the final 2 spots on the Opening Day Roster.  Here are the known players

1. LoDuca
2. Castro
3. Wright
4. Reyes
5. Valentin
6. Delgado
7. Franco
8. Easley
9. Alou
10. Beltran
11. Green
12. Newhan
13. Chavez
14. Glavine
15. El Duque
16. Maine
17. Perez
18. Wagner
19. Heilman
20. The Show
21. Joe Smith
22. Sele
23. Feliciano
24. ??
25. ??

The contenders:  Mike Pelfrey, Ambi Burgos, Chan Ho Park, Jon Adkins and Lastings Milledge

Jon Adkins hasn't pitched well enough to make the team, but he's out of options so he'd have to clear waivers before being sent to AAA.  He would not clear waivers, meaning he has value and will probably be traded.  Chan Ho Park also is probably more valuable in a trade than in the bullpen.  Mike Pelfrey isn't needed until April 15th, so that would leave Milledge and Burgos.  As long as Milledge's hand is OK, looks like he'll be on the Opening Day roster.

Opening Day starts Sunday night, and Matt Cerrone posted the rotation for the first week of the season:

Sunday: Tom Glavine at St. Louis
Monday: off day
Tuesday: Orlando Hernandez at St. Louis
Wednesday: John Maine at St. Louis
Thursday: off day
Friday: Oliver Perez in Atlanta
Saturday: Tom Glavine in Atlanta
Sunday: Orlando Hernandez in Atlanta
Monday: John Maine vs. Phillies, in home opener

Speaking of the home opener, my tickets arrive in the mail this week!

Transplanted Ex-Mets Update:

Looks like Rey Ordonez has cracked the Mariners Opening Day roster.  Ordonez would be the Mariners backup infielder, a role many would argue he should've had his first go-round.

Jay Payton may begin the season on the disabled list for Duquette's mini-Mets.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

John Kerry Provides False Hope For Out-Of-Market Baseball Fans

Sen. John Kerry is again urging baseball to hold off on a deal to put the "Extra Innings" package of out-of-market games exclusively on DirecTV.

Sen. Arlen Specter (news, bio, voting record), R-Pa., who has been critical of the NFL's "Sunday Ticket" deal with DirecTV, also issued a warning to baseball.

"When fans react, Congress reacts," Specter said. "You may be well advised to act before we do."

Bob DuPuy, baseball's chief operating officer, says that fans who received the out-of-town games on iN Demand or Dish have the option of switching to DirecTV or subscribing to the package on

"This is not a matter of fans being unable to view Major League Baseball's out-of-market games," he said. "It is a matter of not being able to watch those games on a particular system."

"Extra Innings" had more than a half-million TV subscribers last year.

Obviously I'm an out-of-market Mets fan and I think it stinks for people who can't use the DirecTV system, but I really don't see how the government should be getting involved in this. Until Extra Innings was created, there was no way for out of market fans to watch the games. So just because technology allows it now, how can baseball be forced to offer this package to every provider?

MLB is selling a product. A customer comes to them and offers a deal to buy that product. Why should MLB have to sell the product to another customer for less? And I know that it's more complicated than that, but essentially if baseball doesn't want to give cable a deal, I don't think they should be forced to. Anyway, I also agree with MLB that if you can't or don't want to subscribe to DirecTV, is a viable option. And isn't that the wave of the future anyway?

I'll tell you what does bug me: that just because I want to watch Mets games, I have to buy a package that gives me virtually every game in every market, 90% of which I have no interest in? How about just letting me buy the rights to YES and SNY, including games? That's where baseball is just being greedy.

Delcos: Sele "excited" About Bullpen Assignment

In stark contrast to Chan Ho Park's "unhappiness," John Delcos reports that he had a conversation with Aaron Sele, who says he’s excited about joining the Mets bullpen, and taking on a new role at this point in his career.

At least someone's excited about our new bullpen.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Transplanted Ex-Mets Update: Julio and Benitez On The Block

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Cardinals, Marlins, Pirates and Devil Rays are all involved in talks with the Diamondbacks to try and acquire transplanted ex-Met Jorge Julio. The Marlins are also considering a trade for Armando Benitez.

I don't know about you, but I'd prefer to keep those guys out of the NL East. I know Benitez only converted one of the two save opportunities he had against the Mets last season, but he was 13 for 13 in '04 - '05 with an ERA under one vs. the orange and blue.

UPDATED: Jorge Julio has been traded to the Marlins for former Mets prospect Yusmeiro Petit.

Bad News: Dirty Sanchez Will Be Tardy Again This Season
(He Needs More Surgery)

Bad news from Mets camp:

Duaner Sanchez is headed for a second surgery on his surgically repaired right shoulder, according to Adam Rubin at the Daily News.

I know relievers are rarely consistent year to year, and a guy who is great one year is many times lousy the next, but man was this guy dominant before his injury!

UPDATED: Matt Cerrone passes word that Ed Coleman reported on WFAN that Tardy Sanchez has a hairline fracture and will be out at least 4 months.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another Big (Scary) Day in Mets Camp

As for as the pro blogs go, John Delcos at The Journal News has got to be the best one going right now. Working seven days a week, with many updates a day, just checking in over at his blog will keep you just about up to the minute on happenings in Mets camp. And, he gives daily rundowns and outlooks for tomorrow as well. He is really doing a nice job over there. The one knock is that he rarely gives links to other blogs, which is pretty much a must for a true blogger, but not doing that is also pretty much standard for these newspaper bloggers.

Anyway, here's what happened today:

We learned that Sele was also getting sent to the pen (along with Park), and that Burgos and Sosa would be sent to AAA.

A day after we realized that Mike Pelfrey had made the rotation, Pelfrey went out and had his worst outing of the Spring. Still, afterwards, he was told officially that he had made the team.

In the ninth inning of today's game, Lastings Milledge was hit on the hand and was sent for x-rays. The best possible news came back: No brak, it's just a contusion. If you're confused about what a contusion is, it's a bruise. He'll be out for a few days, but he's made the team, at least until the Mets need a 5th starter on April 15.

It's all about performance with Willie's New Mets. It ddn't matter that Park and Sele had more experience than Pelfrey - Pelfrey made the rotation over 1999's elite pitchers. It also didn't matter that Burgos and Sosa had power and youth on their side for the bullpen chase, tehy are cut because they didn't pitch well. It seems like it doesn't matter that Jon Adkins has options left - he has stunk in camp and it looks like he'll be traded or released. So be it. So fret not that two of the Mets five starters had thier worst outings these past two days: talent will win out on the Mets. As it will in the NL East.

One week from tonight, kiddies, these games count. And even though the slogan stinks, Our season will have indeed come at last. T minus seven.