Tuesday, July 08, 2008

David Wright News

I started stuffing the ballot for David Wright to be named to the all-star game, but then I remembered how much his performance tailed off after last year's appearance and thought that maybe he's better off taking the three days off.  If he makes it in by 4 votes, blame me.

Biggest Game of The Year

My boss is a big Phillies fan, and yesterday morning I walked into his office and proclaimed last night's game as the biggest game of the year for the Mets.  A chance to have  a winning road trip, take 3 of 4 from the Phils, move to withing 2 1/2 games of first, and find out what Pedro has left in the tank.  Howie Rose must have heard me, because he said the same thing about 50 times during the radio broadcast last night.  My boss said the Phillies were due for an offensive breakout.  He was right.  But, too little too late....  Mets Win!