Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jose Reyes Chant in Greensboro North Carolina

I have just three days left in North Carolina, and a few of us went to the Rock 92 BrewFest to have a good time during our last weekend in Greensboro.  It was a four hour, all you can drink affair, and about three hours into it people were getting a bit drunk.  Spontaneously, an Ole!  Ole Ole Ole! soccer chant breaks out from these three or four college kids.  I chime in, but of course sing it it with "JOSE" instead of "Ole."  I did it really loud too, because otherwise you'd never even notice it, right?  My buddy Dustin joined me in my Jose chant, while the other frat boys continued with the oles, probably unaware that I was pirating their fun. 

I spotted a dude across the room in a Mets cap, eyeing me, wondering if I was a Mets fan, or if I was just some drunk named Jose who was imparting his own name into the song.  Suddenly another guy comes running over and starts singing along with the Jose chant.  At this point it was pretty even between the guys singing Ole and the ones singing JOSE.  I think even one of the guys who had started the Ole chant had changed to Jose, just for the heck of it.  Finally after a while we stopped and I asked the guy who had come over if he was a Mets fan.  He said no, he's a Nationals fan.  "Expos Suck!,"  I screamed.  He said "No, I'm an ASTROS fan."  I said, so what's with the Jose chanting then?  He gave Jose a Reyes some kind of weird backhanded compliment and then called him an illegal immigrant or something.  All righty then.  So then I saw the guy with the Mets cap walking by, the one who was confusedly watching us sing.  "PAUL LO-DU-CA!,"  I yelled.  His face brightened and he gave me a knowing point.

That's the great thing about Mets fans.  You spot a Mets cap in a foreign place and you can bet he's a real Mets fan.  You see a dude in a Yankees cap in Greensboro, and odds are he's just a frat boy.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Transplanted ex-Mets Update: Cliff Floyd's Father Passes Away

Zoƫ Rice posts word about the sad passing of Cliff Floyd's father. Head over to her site for the link to the story and also some very funny commentary about a very strange sighting at RFK.

Last night, in his first game back from the bereavement list, Cliff had the game-winning 2RBI single to lead the Cubs past the Giants.