Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Joseaaaaaye, jose jose jose... Pelfrey... Pelfrey

The Mets win two in a row, on the backs of Jose and Big Pelf! I have almost no optimism, but I still can enjoy the hell out of a Mets win! In fact, maybe I am enjoying it more, now that the burden of hope is lifted. Maybe I should have tried lowering my expectations sooner!

Igarashi strains hamstring - how does this play out?

So Igarashi tweaked his hammy tonight. Who wants to bet against this chain of events:

-Igarashi is declared day to day

-after about 5 days of playing shorthanded, we're told he could be ready for action tomorrow.

-make that tomorrow.

-Igarashi is seen warming up but does not enter the game

-the next day, Jerry Manuel says Igarashi is ready to play. An hour later, he goes on the 15 day DL.

-After about two weeks, we hear he is due back by the weekend.

-he's due back by the next homestand.

-sometime this weekend.

-season ending surgery.

tools for transplanted baseball fans

If you re an out of market baseball fan, you need to get yourself an mlb.tv subscription and a roku player. The subscription is about $120 and the roku about $100. The roku is primarily used to stream netflix movuies to your TV, but starting this season you ll be able to stream mlb games in broadcast quality (or better). Plus if you re away from a tv you can listen to the radio broadcast for any game, any time, home or away. A much better deal than the directv extra innings package, and in fact, you don t need any tv service at all! Love it!