Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mets Confessions via Text Messages

My friend Bob* and I had a text message conversation yesterday morning, while I was commuting into the city for a business meeting.  I forgot to bring a newspaper, so he kept me entertained.  We both vented about our frustration with this team.
ME: Good Morning to you and how you be?

BOB:   Not bad.  Yourself

ME: Fine.  on the train to nyc.

BOB: When is our Mets game?  How much do I owe you?

ME: september 6. 30 bucks.  they should be in last place by then.  Bobby V would do better with this crew

BOB: Totally, I'm tiring of the Manuel Schtick

ME: the 97 mets had less talent and won more.

BOB: More heart and a better manager.  Also more clubhouse leaders.

ME: and more Baergas

BOB: Sorely missed

ME: At least myheinousanusreyes is back.

BOB: Nobody worth rooting for besides Johan and K-Rod.  Even Wright is a loser

ME: k-rod couldn't get mariano rivera out.  johan has thrown more teammates under the bus than Cindy Brady would... at least he's a man though.

BOB: He's a man.  He's a man.

ME: to hell with all these guys

BOB: I've never been so disconnected before.  Minus them sucking, I think some of it is getting older and being distracted by kids.

ME: yeah me too.  but also these guys just aren't that likeable.  even in 2007, before september, i wasn't digging on this group.

BOB: It's the personalities.  Nobody has a good one.  We need another Ventura.

ME: yeah he was great and so was leiter, turk wendell and even derek bell

BOB: Yep on all those guys - these guys are dull...dull quotes...dull looks on their faces.  We'd be better off with Manuel as a player.

ME: bunch of spoiled millionares

BOB: Yep.   Even the Yanks have Damon and Swisher, who are fun guys.

ME: a caller to mike francesca proposed ryan church for nick swisher.  i thought that was a good deal for both teams.

BOB: I would do it.  I like Church, but he is SUCH a dud.

ME: yeah and swisher has more power, which we need too.  You know who's another guy the Mets miss?  Cliff Floyd.

BOB: BIG time

ME: ok, getting off the train now.  Get back to work!
*name has been changed to protect the innocent