Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Transplanted Mets Update: Shawn Estes

Transplanted ex-Met Shawn Estes signed a minor-league contract with the San Diego Padres this past weekend. 33 yr. old Estes missed almost all of the 2006 season, undergoing Tommy John surgery, but he did make one start in April for the Padres, allowing 3 runs in 6 innings, and getting the losing decision against San Francisco.

Estes will forever be known to Mets fans as the guy who missed Roger Clemens when he tried to hit him in in retaliation for Clemens beaning Mike Piazza two years earlier. On a positive note, Estes hit a home run off the Rocket in the same game. As a Met, Estes went 4-9, with a 4.55 ERA in 23 starts for the Mets in 2002. Estes joined the Mets from the Giants by way of trade, when Tsuyoshi Shinjyo and Desi Relaford were shipped off to San Francisco. Estes was then traded in August of 2002 to the Reds in exchange for Pedro Feliciano and Victor Gonzalez.

Yankee Stadium will host the 2008 All-Star Game, which I think is great. Let me tell you why. The fact that the Yankees are leaving behind an absolutely wonderful stadium for no other reason besides greed will be exposed to the baseball world. I can't stand the Yankees but I have to give my respect to that stadium. I know it was practically gutted 35 years ago and isn't really the same House That Ruth Built, but that's really the worst thing you can say about it. The Red Sox have found a way to make Fenway Park profitable for them and so have the Cubs with Wrigley, so there's no reason the Yankees have to leave their park. It would be one thing if the Yankees were moving to Manhattan, a move that would be questionable though at least understandable, but to move into a smaller stadium just across the road is just a travesty. On the flip side, the Mets are moving out of Shea because it's time. Shea is one of teh worst parks in baseball and I'll be thrilled to show up at Citi Field even though it will probably cost me twice as much to do so. The Wilpons will make megabucks off their stadium deal, just like Steinbrenner, but at least the Mets fans have reason to be excited by the new park. I'm hoping we get to show off our new digs at the 2010 All Star Game!