Saturday, February 10, 2007

Make Room For Blogging... and Chan Ho Park

It's been nine days since my last posting, the longest stretch since starting this blog just over a year ago. I've been busier with work and school more than anytime I can remember, but luckily this inundation of activity has also coincided with the biggest stretch of non-events in Mets world. So, although I've not posted much, there's been almost nothing to post anyway!

Last night the Mets inked 33 year old righthander Chan Ho Park to a one-year, $600k contract. Now on the same roster with Tom Glavine, El Duque, Aaron Sele and Pedro Martinez, the Mets have amassed one of the greatest rotations of all time... if only it were 1998...

1998 stats
Aaron Sele 19-11 4.23 ERA (TEX)
Chan Ho Park 15-9 3.71 ERA (LA)
Tom Glavine 20-6 2.47 ERA (ATL)
El Duque 12-4 3.13 ERA (NYY)
Pedro Martinez 19-7 2.89 ERA (BOS)

Transplanted ex-Mets Update: Papa Piazza. How about Mike Piazza's wife popping out a kid, huh? Piazza's news item has stirred up the usual questions of whether he'll be inducted into The Hall wearing a Mets cap or a Dodgers cap. Mike became famous in L.A. and had his best years there, but he spent more years with the Mets, compiled more numbers with the Mets, and went to the postseason twice. Plus, the lovefests that occurred in his final game at Shea as a Met, and again when he returned to New York as a Padre, are indelible memories. Regardless, his number shall be retired by the Mets, you can bank on that. Perhaps in 2009, to open Citi Field?