Friday, August 04, 2006

What's Up With The Phillies?

After the Mets lost last night to Dontrelle Willis and transplanted ex-Met Mike Jacobs, and the series to the Florida Dolphins, it became time to turn our attention to the team that still resides in second place in the NL East - The Phillies. We can worry about Florida next season, and especially in 2008, but hopefully they'll have moved to Vegas by then and they can become the Cardinals problem.

So, what's up with the Phillies, who roll into Shea tonight?

First of all, of course there's Chase Utley, who has a 35 game hitting streak going, bringing him to within 21 games of Joe D. I have to admit that it would be pretty sweet for two sk'ankee marks to be surpassed in the same year (Barroid passed Ruth on the all time HR list this year), but unless Utley gets into the mid-40's it's still way too early to think about it. Also hot at the plate is notorious Met-killer Pat Burrell, batting .316 with three home runs and 16 RBIs in his past 17 games.

The Phils seemed to have thrown in the towel when they salary dumped Lidle and Abreau to the Junkees last month, but after sweeping the Cardinals the team is just 2.5 games back of the Reds for the Wild Card lead. Which provides the Mets an opportunity to do what they did to the Braves last weekend - hammer them into oblivion. El Duque leads the charge tonight for the Mets, facing off against Randy Wolf. Wolf is making just his second start this year after coming back from Tommy John surgery.

Tom Glavine faces off against Jon Lieber tomorrow afternoon on FOX, and John Maine faces rookie Scott Mathieson Sunday night on ESPN's game of the week. The Mets taunted me about being a transplant by e-mailing me this week. Since Sunday's start time changed to 8:00 pm, the team has decided that the first 1,000 "Flushing Flash" subscribers to Show Up at Shea Sunday night will be admitted into the picnic area for free. I've never had the pleasure of sitting out there... If you want to take advantage of these kinds of offers go to and sign up for the newsletter.

Lets Go Mets!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Transplanted Ex-Met Update - Benson May Be DL Bound

According to ESPN, Transplanted Ex-Met Mr. Ann Benson experienced a setback in his effort to rebound from tendinitis in his right elbow, leaving open the possibility the right-hander could be headed for the 15-day disabled list. Benson was scheduled to pitch vs. the Junkees on Sunday, but Transplanted Ex-Met Bruce Chen will likely take the hill instead.

What A Steal! Mets Sign Reyes To Long Term Contract

By way of Matt Cerrone, we learn that Adam Rubin says that the Mets and Jose Reyes have come to terms on a four year, $23.25 million contract, with a fifth-year option. What a steal. This 23 year old is now only making about $5.76 million more (per year) than me!

The Mets edged past the Fish 6-5 last night, thanks to some early heroics by teh Mets offense. Keith Hernandez criticized Jose Reyes a bit last night for his fielding. Keith doesn't liek how Reyes stays flat footed on balls that aren't hit to him. There was aball that glanced off Wright's glove that Reyes might have converted into an out if he had been backjing up the play in the first place. Keith admitted he was nitpicking but i'm curious to see if this becomes a recurring theme...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Transplanted Mets Fan Of The Month - Dave Murray

Fellow Transplanted Long Islander Dave Murray runs a great Mets blog called Mets Guy in Michigan. He starts August off right with a very funny post detailing bad cab drivers of all-time. It's a funny post, but I think all of us need to hate a little bit more on the drunk driver at fault rather than the cabbies. Cabbies get enough well-deserved abuse without taking the brunt for this one.

Anyway, check out Dave's post and his blog, and this banner I've made for him:

Not Ready For Prime Time

Hard to believe Omar almost coulda had Oswalt for Lastings Milledge. If we really can get Zito for him, I say do it. I am not loving life right now. I'm booking my tickets to New York for the first round of the playoffs, but it's hard to feel confident abut advancing without Dirty Sanchez in the 'pen and Lastings in right. Like my buddy Tubby says, trouble seems to follow this kid wherever he goes. From the stuff before he was signed to bumping umps to showing up late at the park, you just gotta wonder if a run at the Championship is the right time and place for this kid. Game Two vs. Florida starts momentarily...

Monday, July 31, 2006

Mets Make A Deal II - Trade for Padres RHP Scott Linebrink

The Mets have traded Heath Bell and just-acquired Oliver Perez to the Padres for RHP Scott Linebrink.

Who Is Scott Linebrink?

The Good - Linebrink has a 3.78 ERA this eason with a 6-2 ERA. Batters are hitting just .248 off him, and he has 44 K's in 50 innings pitched.

The Bad - In his last four appearances he allowed 7 runs on 11 hits in just 3 1/3 innings pitched, increasing his ERA from 2.70 on July 22nd a full pint to 3.78 today. He's also allowed 9 HR's in 50 innings this season.

The Ugly - Linebrink blew 6 out of 7 save opportunities this season. Thankfully, he shouldn't have any more of those opportunities the rest of this season.

Update - Matt Cerrone says this deal has not been completed, and might not be a deal at all. Oh Well. I think we may be better off with Bell anyway.

Mets Make A Deal - Duaner Sanchez Out For Season
Nady for Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez

The Mets pitchers officially have to stop taking Taxi Cabs. Duaner Sanchez was in a taxicab accident Sunday night and suffered a separated shoulder. He's out for the season, and more importantly, the postseason. Minaya had to replace Sanchez's spot in the rotation, and has traded Xavier Nady to Pittsburgh for Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez.

The Mets are in trouble this October without Dirty Sanchez! Who is the new right fielder??? Stay tuned...

On Eve Of Trade Deadline, Beltran Hammers Braves Into Oblivion

By winning 10-6 yesterday afternoon, the Mets swept the Braves in Atlanta for the first time since 1985, and all but completely squashed Atlanta's playoff hopes. The Bravos now reside in ninth place in the wild card standings. Although they are just 6.5 games out, climbing over 8 teams seems rather insurmountable, especially with Chipper Jones on the DL again.

WB games are blacked out for me, and I couldn't even find the Braves broadcast on the radio, so I depended on ESPN updates to follow the Mets conquest. Regardless, here is my take, in a new format that I may or may not continue going forward -

The Good: Beltran hit two homeruns, including another Grand Salami to bury the Braves, completing a sweep in Atlanta for the first time in 21 years.

The Bad: Glavine was pretty awful, not even lasting long enough to "earn" the win. This guy needs to get right again if we have any hopes of advancing in the playoffs.

The Ugly: Cliff Floyd was pulled from the lineup because of pain in his Achilles. He is day to day but he was quoted in Newsday today sounding pretty doubtful about being in the lineup tomorrow against the Florida Dolphins.