Friday, October 06, 2006

And Just Wait Until They Start Hitting!

It was awesome to be among the Shea Faithful last night, as the Mets sent the Dodgers to the ropes, taking a 2-0 series lead. It is amazing how much we fans love the characters on this team. From Delgado LoDuca to Jose to Beltran to Cliff to Wright to Endy Chavez, when these guys step up to the plate you can just feel the love. Grady Littles cute little move of starting a lefty didn't quite work out and now the Dodgers season hangs on that flat faced bastard Greg Maddux.

Listen, can we start some kind of movement against "Yankees Sucks" chants at Shea Stadium, except when we're actually playing the Yankees? I can excuse it if and when teh Yankees get eliminated this postseason, but to do it last night, when all our energies should be focused on our own team and the etam we are actually playing, it just reeks of insecurity. Let's stop this obsession with the Junkees when we're at Shea. Should we make up T-Shirts or something?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Blank Check For Zito

When Pedro went down I figured Zito would be a must-sign. When ElDuque went down I figured Zito's price doubled. After Zito outdueled Santana, I think we can all agree that Minaya should just hand Zito a check and say, here, you fill in the zeros.

Fist Pumping

How much do you love seeing the Mets show emotion on the field? I love seeing LoDuca, Wright, et al pump their fists after a big play or a big hit. I love it!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm Melting I'm Melting!

What's up with the friggin Skankees? When I left McFadden's at 7:20 it wasn't raining, and it's not raining now (I'm on the Upper West Side - a mere 5 miles from Skankee Stadium) and yet the Yankees were too scared to play Game Two. Wimps! Lets Go Mets!

Big Shout Out To The Gang At The McFadden's

Matt Cerrone sent us to McFadden's tonight, and tonight the Mets faithful showed up to Mcfadden's en masse. Unfortunately, Mcadden's would not comply with the promised deal of unlimited drafts for 20 clams, but a good time was had by all nonetheless. Big ups to Jay, Gabe, Keith, Jeff, Becca and the rest of the crew who who drowned out Phillips, Morgan, and Thorne en route to the Mets 6-5 win over the Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles. Much love to Paul LoDuca for bartending too. Randolph left Mota in too long and Valentin is fortunate not to be the goat, but Mets fans can have no complaints as the bats came through as much as did the bullpen (for the most part). I'm loving being back in the Big Apple for the playoffs. Look for me in Mezz Section 28 tomorrow night at Shea. Lets Go Mets!.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Mets 2007 Schedule (tentative)

UPDATE: The full schedule is now posted here.

On Saturday, the Nationals handed out their 2006 team photo to attendees of the game. Printed on the bottom of the photo was the National's 2007 tentative season schedule. I thought that this was rather early for them to announce next year's schedule. Last offseason, I scoured the internet, trying to find out when the Mets would be playing, as I wanted to make my plans to go up to New York for Opening Day as early as possible. Most teams, if I remember correctly, didn't announce anything until December. The Mets were one of the last teams to release their 2006 schedule, but I was able to deduce most of their schedule by looking at the websites for all the other teams.

Tonight, because apparently I am obsessed or something, checked all the MLB websites, and almost every team, except the Mets and Yankees, have released at least their tentative home schedule for 2007. I pieced all the schedules together and created a Mets 2006 season schedule. So, right here at, is the only place right now you can view the 2007 Mets schedule.

It looks like the Mets will open on the road (against a mystery team), and the home opener will be Monday, April 9th against the Philadelphia Phillies. Book your flights early! In interleague action, the Mets will play the Tigers in Detroit and the Twins at home in June. In an oddity, the Mets have 10 games against the Dodgers, seven of those in Los Angeles. Not sure why this is, and maybe this will change when the official schedule comes out. But for now, if you check the Dodgers website, they have the complete schedule up, listing all ten games versus the Mets. So, enjoy! (Click each month for a full-screen view).

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The End Of The 2006 Regular Season

And away we go to the playoffs. I'll wait until the Mets have played their final game of 2006 to reflect, but it seems the regular season is going out with a flourish. Will this be a year like 1986, where everything came together? This is the 20th Anniversary, after all, though this weekend The Braves put an end to the chance for an NLCS rematch with the Astros.

Or could it be more like 1988? The Mets may face the Dodgers in the postseason, and Lasting Milledge is the 2006 version of Gregg Jefferies. Remember when Randy Meyers scrawled "Are We Trying? next to Jeffries name on the lineup card?

Either way, the Mets begin the NLDS Wednesday at 4:20 PM, and I'll be at Game Two Thursday night at 8PM. El Duque is on the mound for Game One, and my former nemesis Tom Glavine is on the hill Thursday. With yesterday's news about Pedro Martinez being out until maybe the 2007 All-Star Break, I'm thinking Tom Glavine can demand whatever he wants from the Mets to pick up his option. And Barry Zito may be a "must-sign" as well.

I got to see the Mets yesterday in Washington DC, as they swept the Expos out of RFK stadium to end the regular season. No pictures though, as RFK makes Shea Stadium look like the Taj Majal. But we all gave a standing "O" to Frank Robinson, and my cousin Neil the physical therapist explained to me exactly what a rotator cuff injury is. This is not a good thing, folks.

More immediately, of course, the Mets have to figure out who will pitch Game 3. It might be John Maine, and the availability of Steve Trachsel is in question, as he mysteriously left the team yesterday and flew off to San Diego for undisclosed personal reasons. WTF? Tubby and I were wondering if maybe Trachs had a meltdown after being told by Willie that Maine would be starting Game 3? Who knows? Someone does, but they're not telling. This is bad timing. At least the Mets finished the season with a four game winning-streak. They went 97-65 for the regular season, the same record as the Yankees. Are we headed for another Subway Series collision?

Two more ex-Junkees were outed today, as we learned Jason Grimsley the rat named Roger Clemens and Andy Petitte as users of perfromance enhancing drugs. Gotta love those Junkees.

Let's get the posteason started!