Saturday, March 24, 2007

Genuine Mets News - Chan Ho Park Bumped From Rotation Battle

Chan Ho Park had his best outing of the Spring today, retiring the first nine batters of the game, and then was yanked from the game. He was then told to get ready to pitch on Monday because he's now being considered for the Mets bullpen. This essentially means Mike Pelfrey has won a slot in the rotation. Congratulations Mikey, and congratulations Mets fans: Our team has gotten to the point that even though the team is playoff-ready, young kids have a chance to win out roster spots against veterans. This is terrific. So much for the notion of an ancient rotation:

Maine (25)
Perez (25)
Pelfrey (23)

Also, it seems like everyone is expecting Lastings Milledge to be on the Opening Day roster, even if it's just for a couple weeks until the Mets need his spot for a 5th starter. Nice. This means we really can't bitch about guys like Moises Alou, Jose Valentin and Julio Franco clogging up roster spots. Yes, Damion Easley has made the team, but so has David Newhan and Endy Chavez. Folks, check out the unofficial 2007 New York Mets:




Sosa or Park

And don't forget Tardy Sanchez, who was sent back to NY for an MRI today, and Billy Mota, who will join camp at some point in the next couple days, will be ready to fortify the Mets' bullpen in May and June, respectively.

Transplanted ex-Mets News: Disappointing Pitchers

Here's an update on a trio of ex-Mets who disappointed Mets fans with their pitching performances:

Jae Seo misses the Mets: Matt Cerrone passes along a translation of a recent Jae Seo quote: “I really want to finish my career as a Met. But 'til then I'd like to stay in Tampa because I love the coaching staffs and trainers here.” What the heck does that mean? He wants to come back to the Mets when he's no longer good enough to make the Devil Rays?

Victor Zambrano thanks the Mets: Hot Foot passes along an article in the Daily News where Zambrano says "I was working 200%, because I knew I wasn't 100% with my arm... what can I say? I appreciate everything they did for me. I know they made a good effort to keep me there, but that's what happened, and all I can say is thank you and move on."

Braden Looper will face the Mets, as a starter: Braden Looper has cracked the Cardinals starting rotation and will pitch either Tuesday April 3rd or Wednesday April 4th against the Mets in St. Louis, in the first series of the season. If you're worried about the Mets rotation, just be glad we're not counting on Looper to have quality starts.

Good News For Mets Fans: Delgado's Baby Is Coming Early

Two weeks from tomorrow night, the Mets will face the Cardinals, officially kicking off teh 2007 MLB season. The Mets were planning for Carlos Delgado to miss that game, and perhaps a few more, because his wife was due to pop out his kid on that day. Well, it seems the stork is coming early. Delgado left camp early yesterday morning to head to Puerto Rico, where his wife was going into labor.

Speaking of new arrivals, Fernando Tatis is in Mets camp for some reason. The guy has appeared in 28 games over the past three seasons, wasn't good enough to last with the Dodgers this Spring, but Omar has decided to give him a minor league contract anyway. Why? I don't know. Third base.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Transplanted Ex-Mets Update: Paul Wilson

Generation K'er Paul Wilson was released by the Cincinnati Reds today. He missed all of 2006 due to a shoulder injury and has been ineffective this spring. He's 34 years old. Can you believe it?

Where's Mike V?

What a week! I'm taking graduate school classes two night a week, after work, and I've had two business trips in the last two weeks, making the last 10 days a whirlwind tour that makes me feel like a catcher who just got nailed at the plate. Or maybe like an East Coast team being subjected to 10 games on the West Coast in August. Anyway, I'm tired. Luckily, it's Spring Training, and after class last night I was able to listen to the Mets beat the Dodgers on WFAN on the way home. I love the way a 50,000 watt AM station signal can travel a thousand miles at night!

Here are the 4 best starters this Spring:

Tom Glavine
Mike Pelfrey
John Maine
Oliver Perez

The other contenders, El Duque, Park, Sele and Sosa have been pretty underwhelming. The Mets don't actually need a 5th starter until 4/15, so if I were Omar I would use El Duque's injury as an excuse to hold him back for extended Spring Training until then. Release Park, let Sele stew in AAA and let Sosa pitch from the 'pen.

Speaking of the 'pen, here are the Mets best relievers this Spring:

Joe Smith

These 3 will make the team, as will Billy Wagner and Aaron Heilman, who hasn't been that great. The other 2 slots will go to a combination of Sosa, Burgos, or Jon Adkins. Burgos and Sosa started out strong but haven't pitched as well lately. Adkins has been lousy. Adkins performance doesn't merit the job but he has no options and if he doesn't make the club he would have to be traded or released. I think it will be Adkins and Sosa, even though my pick would be to use Jason Vargas who was sent down to New Orleans too soon.

More to come... Thanks for sticking with me! Too much transplanting lately!