Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bobby V is out there for the taking.

I am excited to go to Sunday's Mets Hall Of Fame Day and see Darryl and Doc and Davey and Cashen go into the Mets Hall Of Fame.  It will be nice to remember a team of winners.  It has been a long time!  I have actually enjoyed this season more than any other in many years, primarily because I had no optimism whatsoever going into it.

Yesterday's win was great and all that, but in conversing with my buddy for our plans on Sunday, I got all fired up about the state of the Mets.

On Opening Day I said that if they were going to implode, I hoped the Mets would implode early so they could fire Jerry Manuel and hire Bobby Valentine.  My opinion still stands, even though the word is that these players 'love' playing for Jerry.   I don't really care what a .500 ball club loves.  Every year ownership and Omar say the on-field performance is 'unacceptable' but they never follow through and do anything except give out more bad contracts.  Willie should have been fired earlier, Ollie should have been released, players should be benched when they suck.  That's how you show losing is unacceptable:  Consequences.  It is unfathomable to me how this team can have great homegrown players like Wright Reyes, Ike Davis and Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese and still have no idea how to build around them. 

The idea that the Mets are cheap is silly.  The Mets do spend money, but that doesn't mean the lousy  performance isn't ownership and Omar's fault. It is their fault because they never stick to a plan.  They just throw money at the problem.  They brag about how much money they spend while really they should be embarrassed.  Their teams play like a $65MM payroll, and that is actually an insult to the Devil Rays

I feel bad for Luis Castillo because the guys busts his ass out there and everyone hates him because Omar gave him a  bad contract.  As if that's Luis' fault.  He's a slap singles hitter with so-so defense and bad knees, that's what he's been and that's what he was when we signed him, and he had no business getting a four year deal, but what was he supposed to do, turn it down?

Meanwhile, Bobby V doesn't take any sh*t.  He said Todd Hundley was partying too much, he said he had losers in the clubhouse, and he got Benny Agbayani to play like an all-star.  Enough said.

Hire Bobby V, trade Jason Bay and K-Rod, find someone to take Beltran before his bum knees go out again, and find a new GM too.