Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tools For Transplanted Mets Fans

One of the best/worst things about being away from the NY Metro area is also being outside the broadcast area of WFAN. Thank goodness for the internet, this actually works out in the favor of us out-of-market baseball fans. Why? Because if we really have a hankering for Schmuck and His Lap Dog, we can listen to the simulcast on wfan.com. But if we just want the highlights, such as the Willie Randolph Report, WFAN posts those clips online too for downloading. What I like to do is tune into the simulcast at my desk at work occasionally, and download some clips onto my iPod for my commute in the car. One bit that's definitely worth a weekly download is teh Paul LoDuca report. LoDuca is surprisingly candid, and gives a nice perspective on the viewpoint from the clubhouse as well as from behind the plate. Best of all, the interview is conducted by Beningo and Roberts, so the interview is a Francesca Free Zone. Go here to get all of Joe and Evans interviews.

Here's another tool from a guy who's not a tool. Visit my friend and fellow transplanted Mets fan Dave's blog, Mets Guy In Michigan. Oh, and check out his new banner, created by Yours Truly!

Lets Go Mets!