Friday, September 29, 2006

Mets Will Have To Do It Without Pedro

Just when I was finally starting to get over the news that the Kelly Stinnett Era is over, we learn that Pedro Martinez has a tear in his left calf and will not pitch in the postseason. Those of you who are paying attention will notice that I wrote his left calf, and will remember that it's the right calf that had Petey sidelined most recently. People, this man is falling apart. Remember the Mets were criticized for handing a four year deal to a pitcher with a tear in his shoulder. Then a toe injury kept him from pitching Opening Day. Now it's his calves. You can argue back and forth whether Barry Zito is an "ace," but forgive me for looking ahead to the offseason and trying to figure out how the Mets can afford not to sign this guy if they have postseason aspirations in 2007.

Now, back to the present. With Orlando Hernandez , their NLDS Game 1 starter, on the mound (5 IP, 1 unearned run, 3 hits, 5 walks), the Mets managed a win against The Bravos thanks to the bats of the two Carloses. Delgado had four RBI's and Carlos Beltran hit his 41st homerun of the season, tying Todd Hundley for the club record. Beltran is wrapping up one of the finest offensive seasons ever put together in a Mets uniform. He may still lose out to Ryan Howard or Albert Pujols for the MVP, even though the Phillies Wild Card chances are about done and the Cardinals are in the midst of one of the all-time greatest September collapses. The Houston Rockets are just a half game behind the Cards in the NL Central with three to play against Atlanta.

As for me, I'm headed up to DC today to watch the Mets wrap up their regular season at beautiful RFK stadium. I'll post comments and maybe pictures on Monday, when the Mets postseason opponents will finally, hopefully, be set. Lets Go Mets!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vinny's Dilemma

Vinny of Metsville has a dilemma. A friend of his desperately wants him to give up his Hebrew Mets shirt. All she has to offer are some 1986 yearbooks. I think she should up the ante. Head on over to Metsville to welcome Vinny back to the Mets blogging community and offer your advice on his dilemma.

Not Showing Up

I haven't posted since the Mets clinched the NL East, mostly because my first set of MBA classes are wrapping up this week, and I've had projects to finish and finals to study for. I would feel guilty about neglecting the blog, but then teh Mets haven't really been showing up for the games themselves, so why should I feel obliged to comment about them?

I'm heading to New York on Tuesday - hopefully soon these races in the West, Central and Wild Card will sort themselves out quickly so that I can figure out my schedule for New York! Even though it would be "great for baseball," my worst-case scenerio is two playoff games on Monday (cards vs. Astros and Phils vs. Pads or Dodgers), putting the Mets playoff schedule (and my viewing schedule) in limbo. All I know now is that I am going to NLDS Game 2 on Thursday. We don't know the opponent, or worse, whether the game is at 1:30, 4, or 8. I don't care which one, although 8PM would be ideal. Very annoying.