Sunday, May 21, 2006

Alay Soler To Pitch Wednesday Vs. Phillies -
Pelfrey Stays in AA

What can be said about last night's meltdown against the Junkees? There was no reason to take Sanchez out of the game. But to sum things up, the Yankee's Sandman stunk on Friday, and the Met's Sandman stunk yesterday. Pedro gets screwed out of another win.

After Mike Pelfrey stunk it up in his latest start for the B-Mets, the Mets have decided to use Cuban defector Alay Soler to plug a hole in their rotation. Soler will make his major league debut on Wednesday against Philly, while Jeremi Gonzalez will get another start, Thursdsay, as the Mets desperately hope for someone to step it up.

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