Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Harold Reynolds Fired; Steve Phillips Is A Jackass

According to a report in Newsday, Harold Reynolds has been fired from ESPN due to allegations over sexual harrassment. If the allegations are true, I'm glad he got the axe. But the most infuriating part of the article was this:

Reynolds, a major-leaguer for 12 seasons before joining ESPN in 1996, did not appear on "Baseball Tonight" on Monday after having worked the Sunday show, during which he and fellow analyst Steve Phillips suggested the Yankees trade Alex Rodriguez.

I don't need to hear one word from Steve Phillips about trading Alex Rodriguez! He should be barred from ever uttering those two words unless he blames the Wilpons for making himself teh scapegoat for botching the A-Rod Free Agent negotiations. Even though I'm glad we have David Wright now and I have to laugh at the Yankees misery of having their AL MVP get booed out of town, I will STILL never get over that botch job by Steve Phillips!

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