Saturday, July 15, 2006

Still Rolling

Stevie Trachsel won his seventh straight start, as the Mets beat the Cubbies 6-3 in the first game after the All Star Break. Nice to see the Mets offense clicking on all cylinders after a four day layoff. Jose Reyes still hasn't completely recovered from his pinky laceration, but Jose Valentin filled in nicely in the leadoff spot. Besides the win, the best part of the game was Gary Cohen explaining what those numbers on the building across from Wrigley Field stand for.

From wikipedia:

The Lakeview Baseball Club, which sits across Sheffield Avenue (right-field) from the stadium proudly displays a "calendar" demonstrating the Cubs' futility. The calendar is flanked by a sign that reads Eamus Catuli! which means "Go Cubs!" in Latin (catuli means "whelps" in Latin, the closest Latin translation to the word "Cubs"), and the calendar is labeled "AC," for "Anno Catuli," or "In the Year of the Cubs." The first two digits display the number of years since the Cubs' last division championship as of the end of the previous season (02; their last division championship was in 2003), the next two digits display the number of years since the Cubs' last trip to the World Series (60; their last Series was in 1945), and the last two digits display the number of years since their last World Series win (97; their last win was in 1908). It is not currently known what the LBC will do with the "calendar" if the Cubs reach 100 years without a World Series title.

You learn something new every day.

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