Friday, November 10, 2006

Reaction to Tom Glavine's Indecisiveness

Tom Glavine is still very noncommittal to coming back to the Mets. He filed for free agency yesterday, and said he has "little sense of what I'm going to do." My buddy Scott summed up our feelings with an e-mail this morning:

"Glavine's a jerk. He's never been a true Met.....hasn't tried to be one.....and let's be honest, he's never had an answer to a question that sounded genuine or not practiced for a day or two before being said.
Anyway, after four years......I find it VERY annoying that he has "no idea" what he's doing, that he still has to talk about it with his wife. Believe me.........they know if they like NY. They know if they terribly miss Atlanta. They know what they want to do. He's being a shady rat about the whole thing.
Do I want him back? Yeah......only because of the overall current outlook of the starting staff. Would I miss him? Nope.....he's a fake liar."

Here, here, Scott! Personally, I have been so back and forth with my emotions towards Tom Glavine. The thing I want to know is, why haven't we read one iota of an item that Atlanta actually wants him back, and that they are willing to pay him? Does Glavine know something we don't? Or is he just assuming he can get ten million dollars out of the Braves?

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