Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mets Fan Lugo Signs With Sox

31 yr. old Julio Lugo, who earlier this offseason told the press that he grew up a Mets fan, has signed a four year deal with the Boston Red Sox.

Man, I love all these long-term big money deals that are cropping up around the league. Want to know why? I love seeing other teams get bogged down in bad contracts. I give the Cubbies two years before they are trying to unload Alfonso Soriano. Good luck.

There's money to be made this offseason if you're a free agent, and the Mets are wise to sit this one out, with the exception of the Z-man. Let the other clubs lock up their budgets into the next decade. A year from now the Mets will be one of the few clubs with financial flexibility.

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