Thursday, January 04, 2007

Transplanted Ex-Mets Update: Minky's a Yankee

Transplanted ex-Met Doug Mienkiewicz is headed back to the Big Apple, coming to terms with the Yankees to back up Juicin' Giambi at first base.

Everyone knows that Minky made the put out that brought the Red Sox their 2004 World Championship, and that he stunk up the plate at Shea Stadium so badly he resorted to booing himself. What nobody knows is how to spell his name.

Offensively, Dougie Eye-chart had a bit of a bounce-back year for the Royals last season, hitting .283 with 43 RBIs in 91 games before his season ended in August due to back problems. He had season-ending back surgery on August 29th.

Thanks to Metsblog for the news.

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