Monday, April 09, 2007

Mets Roll Over Rollins on Opening Day at Shea

Another great Opening Day for me and the Mets.  I'll post some pictures when I get back to the Carolinas, meanwhile here are some brilliant observations on Shea Stadium's penultimate home opener:

Jimmy Rollins heard it loud, heard it often, and pretty much lost the game for the Phillies.  I find it rather interesting however, how much heat Rollins gets, compared to Brett Myers.  You say your team is going to win and you get made Public Enemy #1.  You beat your wife in the streets of Boston, and it's completely forgotten within a few weeks.  Pretty sad, actually.

Way to go Carlos Delgado for laying down the bunt against the shift.  I wonder if it will change how teams play defense against him going forward?

John Maine was kind of frustrating to watch walk the ballpark, but throwing to third when he should have thrown to first was more annoying.  Seeing Green throw to the wrong base annoyed me too.  The Mets were lucky to have not been further behind early on.  Hey guys, I just heard of this product called "Where's The Play - an approved product of Little League Baseball"

Leaving Ambi in to face Ryan Howard when Pedro Feliciano was ready in the 'pen was a stupid move.  Luckily for us, the Phillies bullpen is atrocious.

Seeing Citi Field get constructed while we watched the game was like a second form of entertainment.   Why though, was the only thing I could of was what teh price of beer would be at teh new stadium if they charge $7.25 at Shea?  Seriously, how do they get away with $7.25 for Budweiser?  I guess I'll never be rich.  If I was in charge of concessions and someone said that we should charge seven bucks for beer, I would have just laughed and said no one will pay that!  Meanwhile there were more than enough drunk fans.  I think the Mets made some bucks today.

Boy I sound angry today, huh?  Why am I so pissed when I got to see the Mets win on Opening Day and the weather wasn't as bitter as I expected?  Probably because I had to listen to those two morons on WFAN on the drive home.   Honestly their "insight" is so misguided and idiotic!

Mets (5-2) over Phillies (1-5), 11-5
Mike V's Met of the game: Carlos Delgado, for the ballsy bunt, the nifty slide, and the pair of RBI's

All in all, a nice trip to New York.  We head back south early tomorrow morning, but I'll be able to see the Mets live again at the end of the month in DC!


T-Planted METS Fan in Telluride said...

I will also be in DC at the end of the month. I'm driving from home (SW Colorado) to Phoenix and flying to NY. Going to DC to see our METS for the Sat and Sun games, then back to Shea for the 3 against the fish. Back to Phoenix for the 4 against the d-backs then home! Gotta get the fix! Lets catch up for a brew in DC, cant be more than $7.25

Mike V said...

Wow! That's dedication. I'd love to hear your road stories. Send them my way and I'll see if I can't find a place for them on the blog.

See you in DC!