Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mets Fast Forward

Mets Fast Forward is a great program on SNY, especially the morning after a west coast night game.  They show the highlights of the previous game, in a one-hour period.  This is a great way to watch a game...  except when SNY runs the results of last night's game in the crawl at the bottom of the screen!!!  Brilliant, just brilliant.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

I just moved to the Greensboro area in February from New York!!! I am a lifelong Mets fan, and was offered a relocation package that I couldn't refuse. I had lived in New York my whole life (born in Manhattan raised in lower Westchester. Also have family in Franklin Sq). My wife and I have four kids - my 2 boys love the Mets of course. They are Mets CRAZY! My little guy is 5 and his whole life revolves around Jose Reyes.

We went to a few Grasshopper games, but we really miss Shea. We will definitely take a trip to Citi Field next year.

Feel free to email me at - I hope to hear from you.


PS - I can't find good Pizza down here!!!