Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sign Ollie!!

The friggin Junkees traded for Transplanted X-Met Xavier Nady, the right-handed bat the Mets have been missing ever since they traded him for Oliver Perez and Bert Hernandez a few seasons ago.

After a mind-wrenching, several-seasons-long stretch of alternating brilliant/horrible starts, O'Perez finally has found his groove, mere months away from free agency.  In April and May we were wondering if the Mets should try to sign him to a contract.  Even though lefthanders with his stuff aren't easy to come by, his inconsistency drove us to agita so often that we were just about ready to be done with him.  Well, the time has come to grit our teeth and overpay for the Scott Boras client.  He's a lefty, he can dominate the Phillies (and Junkees), and he's young.  And yesterday sealed the deal:  signing O'Perez is the only way we can stomach seeing our boy Nady (whose jersey was hung up in the Mets dugout during the 2006 playoff run to honor the player who had to be traded because Duaner Sanchez's favorite restaurant didn't deliver) play right field for the friggin Junkees every day.

You hear me, Omar????!!!  Sign Oliver Perez! 

I'm headed to Shea tonight to see the FIRST PLACE METS take on the Cardinals.  The Brandon Knight era begins.  I think this guy is technically a rookie, since he's only been in 11 games in his career, even though he's closing in on his 33rd birthday.  Hope the bullpen is rested.  Yes, they are.  Thank you Mike Pelfrey!

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