Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 Printable Mets Schedule

For some reason, the Mets are very late in providing a printable 2009 schedule on their website. Usually at least a preliminary schedule is available pretty early in the offseason, but for now there is just a "sortable schedule" and a place to view games in each month. As we wait for them to release it, I threw together a printable version for your convenience. This is unofficial, and unapproved, so take it for waht it's worth... Click on it, save it, and print it. At some point I may get around to improving it, with game times, etc. but for now here's what I've been able to accomplish this weekend.

UPDATE: My "printable" image wasn't so printable. Click here to download the PDF or visit this link:

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you can download it to your outlook or Google calendar at