Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bad News For Out Of Market Mets Fans

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, in case you missed it, but life as a transplanted Mets fan just got worse.  For those of you who live outside the New York market, and are unwilling or unable to purchase Extra Innings on DirecTV, often the only time you get to watch Mets games on TV is when they are on FOX or ESPN.  This is extremely painful because the respective broadcast teams of Tim McCarver/Joe Buck and Jon Miller/Joe Morgan are the two worst pairings to happen to baseball since the cream and the clear. 
Well, ESPN has decided to take their lousy team and make it even lousier, by adding disgraced ex-Mets GM Steve Phillips to the booth, making it a trio of terror!  Sorry, transplanted Mets fans! 
This makes the $15 a year Gameday audio feed on an even better deal! 

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jmy9595 said...

Yeah but that $15 audio feed thing didn't do me a lot of good. I had it last year (I'm transplanted to Minnesota) and there were only a handful of days I could get the thing to work on my laptop.