Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ex-Mets on The MLB Hall Of Fame Ballot

On Monday we'll get to find out who has been elected to baseball's Hall Of Fame. Here are some articles about the chances of some Transplanted ex-Mets:

Jesse Orosco - If he gets the nod, he'll certainly go in as a Met,
"Mets, definitely," he said. "Many more memories there than anywhere else."

David Cone got his first, his last, and 81 in total, of his 194 career victories with the Mets, and spent close to six years as a Met (his careeer spanned 17 seasons over 18 years). He also had some success with The Junkees, but we'll forgive that for this week. He's a longshot to get in, at least for his first ballot, so we'll save the argument with Yankees fans over which hat he would wear on a more apropos occasion.

Rickey Henderson is spending Sunday night wondering if Rickey will be the first unanimous election to the Hall Of Fame. Rickey's exit from the Mets in 2000 was so acrimonious that he was the only player who spent any time on the team who didn't get a NL Championship Ring. The Mercury Mets handed out those rings to just about everyone in the organization and every player who had any kind of stint with the 2000 Mets, except Henderson. Steve Phillips explained it as saying Rickey was the only player who also played for another playoff team that season (Seattle Mariners).

Rickey was brought back into the Mets fold by Omar Minaya in 2006, and he had a short and somewhat controversial stint as first base coach in 2007. Needless to say I wouldn't even bet you a Cooperstown hot dog that he'll wear a Mets cap into the hall. (But I said it anyway just so I could make a sly reference to a hot dog).

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