Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Jeff Kent Era Ends; The Jeff Can't Era Reignites

Boy, oh, boy. Proof yet again that among Mets fans, time does not heal all wounds. News that Jeff Kent retired brought no sentiment among Mets bloggers. Here are some of my favorite quotes from around the blogosphere:

Metstradamus: "Maybe now that you're retired you can come back to help christen Citi Field: The House Jeff Kent Had Nothing To Do With."

The Final Score
: "think of how great his career would have been if he never played for the Mets."

Sully Baseball: "he will be missed by those teammates who enjoyed his company… both of them."

Hot Foot: Very good baseball player, but I am certainly glad to see him go.

Kranepool: "he was just the most miserable nasty redneck you could meet. As opposed to Wally Backman who is one of the nicest and most friendly rednecks you could meet."

The Mets Police: "I would still rather have David Cone."

A nice sendoff for Jeff Torborg's favorite Met, huh?

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The Mets Police said...

Heh heh...David Cone in his 50's or however old he is now!