Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't Bury Me, I Ain't Dead Yet

I am back from a much needed North Carolina vacation - I transplanted myself back to where I had once been transplanted to, and the Mets didn't lose a game the whole time I was gone!  Apparently I am a jinx.  The Mets have lost both times I've seen them in person, at the home opener and again on April 19th.  My next scheduled visit with teh Mets is in Washington D.C. where I'll see them take on the Expos.  Remember, Natinals fans, until you finish over .500, you're still the Expos.  Or at least the Natinals.
For the record, I still have not heard back from mr. Dave Howard about my obstructed view from the Promenade, but my pal Tubby reports that TV sets have been installed at the food court above the Jackie Robinson rotunda. Hopefully the outfield walls color is the next modification.


DyHrdMET said...

While Fred Wilpon is commiting treason, I don't think he's going to paint the outfield walls.

Mike V said...

Selling the 2000 NL Banner?? That is a travesty!!