Saturday, May 30, 2009

I hate agreeing with Wallace Matthews, but I do

I usually take umbrage with the way Wallace Matthews takes any opportunity to slam the Mets, but I begrudgingly admit that I often agree with his rants.  Today is one of those times - his column discusses the surprisingly low attendance at Mets and Yankees games.  The owners will want to blame the economy, but that's only half the story.  This season will likely be the fewest games I've gone to in about 15 years, and for three of those years I lived in North Carolina!  I haven't directly been impacted by the economy, but the way the Mets have structured the price of a ticket, plus the hidden surcharges, plus the price of parking, and the way they built the damn ballpark so that only those who pay triple-figures can actually get a good view, I am less than enthusiastic about making the trek to a game.  Shea was a dump, for sure, but at least those in the upper tank could see the whole field for under $15 a seat.  Mezzanine and Loge seats behind the plate were great views for less than $40 most nights.  Citi Field is just one big rip-off. 

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