Sunday, June 07, 2009

Quick Review: Nationals Park

Still recovering from the long drive up from DC. I'll post a full review soon, hopefully tomorrow, but in the meantime here are some quick reactions about my trip to see the Mets play at Nationals Park:

  • I want to know if HOK (the designers of Citi Field) also did this park because whoever did, did a much better job.
  • Access to the park is super easy from the DC Metro.
  • 360 degrees of the field from ALL levels.
  • No obstructed views.
  • Fantastic food options.
  • A great value - I scored upper deck seats day of game for $20 each. There are also grandstand seats for $5, available day of game only, but we bought our seats from the kiosk and I think you have to talk to a live person to get the $5 seats?
  • Something is crazy with the big analog clock in right field, it was 15 minutes slow at game time, but by the end of the game it was almost a full hour behind!
  • Someone needs to tell Walgreens that the Nationals stole their logo.
  • How do 8 runs get scored in a baseball game that only lasts two hours?
  • I am officially a jinx for the 2009 Mets - I am 0 for 3 seeing the in person this year!
  • TONS of Mets fans at the park.
  • I will have to post this separately, as it is too long and crazy story to bury it here, but I managed to get my picture taken with Dwight Gooden, who was in attendance at the game!
  • Brag all you want, Washington fans, but until your team finishes above .500 for the season, they are still the Expos!
That's all for now - I'll post more pics, comments and stories later this week!

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Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Details! Details! You think you're gonna drop a "I just got my photo taken with Dwight Gooden" and not tell us how in the heck this happened?

Did Doc write his name on any walls while you were there?

I'm wearing the green horns of envy! Sounds like you had a nice ballpark visit. Did you have one of the W pretzels?