Wednesday, July 22, 2009

End It Now

This has been a season of one embarrassment after another. Opening a $800 million ballpark with obstructed views named after a bankrupt bank, with the first pitch caught by a former player under the glare of steroid allegations, and the bigwigs more concerned about Dwight Gooden's illegal autograph than the fact that the team had no depth, and even worse, no heart. And that was all just the first week of the season.

Now that Tony from Princeton has finally exposed himself as the ass that he is, and Omar has failed to make the postseason for the third straight season, the time is now for a regime change. Jerry Manuel has got to go as well. He told Schmuck Francesca today that biggest drag on teh Mets clubhouse has been waiting for the stars to get back. Why are they waiting for the stars to come back, Jerry? Aren't these all major league players Jerry? I any one of them being paid less than a half million dollars a year to play baseball? How about telling tehse guys that they have the ability to win games without burden of the injured players that choked the last two seasons?

Fire Bernazard, Fire Omar, Fire Jerry, bring in a Moneyball GM like the Red Socks have, bring in Rob Neyer as a special advisor, HIRE BOBBY VALENTINE, install Carlos Baerga as first base coach, and start building a fun ballclub - baseball like it oughta be.


Andrew said...

Mostly agree -- but why Carlos Baerga?

Ceetar said...

No Moneyball. While we have some power struggles right now, guys like Reyes are not money ball guys. This team has/should strived on aggression, and moneyball doesn't support that.

but in general, I agree. I'd like Leo Mazzone myself.