Monday, July 27, 2009

Hope The Mets Brought Back Some Orange Juice With Them!

The Mets bats came alive this weekend - apparently they really like hitting in Houston's Minute Maid Park.  I wonder how the Astros fans feel about the corporate naming rights of their stadium?  After ENRON FIELD, anything is an improvement, but I would love to know how many fans were just hoping their team could play in the Astronondome after the Enron debacle.  Still, it seems like when the corporate naming rights goes to a tangible consumer product, there is considerably less outrage than when it's a telecom company or a bank.  If the Citi naming rights ever implodes (perhaps less inevitable than we all thought), the Wilpons would be wise to solicit a more fan friendly way to sell out:
Some suggestions:
Pepsi Field
Subway Stadium
Sharp Park
or, my personal recommendation, for continuity and integrity: CITY FIELD

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