Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Transplanted ex-Mets Update: Ed Hearn

Mets Police lets us know that the New York Times has an article on the whereabouts of former Mets Catcher Ed Hearn.   Ed Hearn sticks out in my mind primarily as being the subject of a David Letterman joke following the 1986 World Series.  Dave was talking about the hype and hysteria surrounding the World Champs and held up a prop, a book called Ed! The Untold Story of the 1986 World Champion Mets Back-Up Catcher.  I remember thinking I would like to read that book.  Check out Mets Police and the article at:
Ed Hearn's website says that Ed is the first and only current or former athlete from our country's top professional sports league to recieve the coveted (his words) C.S.P. designation (Certified Speaking Professional) from the National Speakers Association.
View the irony-free video: Ed Hearn: An Inspirational Champion at http://www.edhearn.com/newvideo.html


sam enriquez said...

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