Tuesday, March 21, 2006

SoriaNO, thank you!

Today is a day I'm glad I'm not still living in New York, where I'd find myself listening to the so-called experts on WFAN. From what I understand, the airwaves are all a-flutter with rumors of the Mets trading Victor Diaz for Alfonso Soriano.

Look, on paper it's a no-brainer. Soriano is a proven hitter, and Diaz isn't even a proven major leaguer, but the truth of the matter is that a defensively-challenged second baseman who also happens to be a very selfish player is the last thing this club needs right now. A deal might have made a little sense before Omar acquired Carlos Delgado, but with Delgado now able to provide the offensive 'oomph' the club had been lacking, Soriano's bat is less necessary. At the same time, Delgado's lack of range makes the defense we get at second much more important than the offense.

Now, if Soriano were willing to play Right Field for the Mets, that might be a different story. But that's a moot point, of course.

Any objective observer can see that a deal for the Soriano makes no sense for the Mets, but New York is all about star power, so the media just can't help themselves. But giving it serious air time puts a serious knock on their credibility.

If anyone is within earshot of this drivel, and would like to enlighten me as to which knucklehead is saying what stupid thing, please post a comment.


Tubby said...

So you are essentially saying you would rather have either of Matusi (proven dud), Hernandez(unproven), or Diaz (unneccesary) on the team than Soriano? Believe me, I've never been a fan of this guy, but I don't think you'll feel too bad at the end of the year when he's driven in 100+ runs and knocked 25+ homeruns. And you want to talk defense? Who says what we have at 2b right now is any better?

Mike V said...

First of all, I don't think Soriano would put up those kind of power numbers at Shea Stadium. I don't even think he'll do that at RFK.

It's not a matter of would I rather have Diaz or Soriano, because Diaz plays outfield, and Soriano won't do that for the Mets.

At second, I want a guy who can play second. Matsui can get the hell out of here, and I would like to see the better of Hernandez or Keppinger play second base, both in 2006 and beyond.

Tubby said...

Obviously I agree that we don't need offense from 2b. However, it's not like the current choices are anything great--offense OR defense-wise. You seem to have a real man-crush on Keppinger, a guy who has played what, 30 games in the majors? Hernandez? 10 games? Soriano has put up some numbers in the past. He's not going to put up Texas numbers here, but nobody else would either...I wouldn't give up the future to get Soriano for one year. My point is he is a better option then the current choices, and if the Mets could get him by only giving up Matsui and Diaz, then to me it's a no brainer. If you said they would have to give someone like Bannister or Milledge, then I say HELL NO. Paying $10 million + Diaz is no more absurd than paying $8 million for Matsui. There's a reason Keppinger is 26 years old and still playing in the minors. He's not the future of the franchise.

Mike V said...

Why the hell would Washington take Matsui anyway?

Soriano's 2005 stats:
HOME: .315 / 1.011 / 25 / 73
AWAY: .224 / .639 / 11 / 31

And he made 21 errors in 153 games!

Maybe Keppinger/Hernandez won't pan out, but why not at least give one of them a shot? What is the upside of bringing Soriano here? Does this lineup really need another 125 strikeout guy?

Tubby said...

Dude, you're missing the point. I really don't think the Nats want Matsu either. They could use him to play SS because they basically don't have a SS. But he sucks anyway. Nobody wants Matsui. But, IF the Nats would take Matsui and Diaz for Soriano, then it's a no-brainer, you do the deal. That's all I'm saying. These guys on Metsblog were basically saying they woudn't trade anyone for Soriano. Thats CRAZY! The only reason I see to hold on to Diaz is to get pitching back for him, but I doubt that would happen anyway. I don't think anybody wants Diaz either. My argument is if you can get Soriano for Matsui & Diaz, you do it. Otherwise, forget it. Lets move on.

Mike V said...

I think you're missing my point. I don't dispute that Soriano is better than Matsui and Diaz, or that he's more accomplished than Keppinger or Hernandez. My only point is that Soriano is not a good fit for the Mets right now, because a)he's poor defensively and with Delgado at 1st we need a 2nd baseman with good range, b) his offensive threat would be hampered dramatically by hitting at Shea for 81 games, and c) he seems like a delusional ass with his refusal to play the outfield.

Of course, the moot point is even more moot now that his agent has come to his senses and told Soriano he's not allowed to forfeit $10 mil. and he's gotta play the outfield for the Nats.