Sunday, March 19, 2006

Leiter Hangs Em Up

Al Leiter retired today. He really should have retired a couple years ago, when he became a five-inning pitcher. Now he's a only valuable as a lefty specialist, and he doesn't want that gig. Al's a nice guy and he kind of left on bad terms, but I hope in retrospect he realizes Omar was 100% right in pulling his offer off the table and chasing Pedro Martinez instead.

I always thought Al was a bit of a baby there. Omar made him an offer, and Leiter said no. Sometime later, probably after he saw it was better than anything ese he could get, Al came back and wanted the deal. Well Omar had already decided to go after Pedro, and told him the contract offer wasn't on the table anymore. Leiter whined to the press, who had always given him a fair shake.

Leiter played for both the Marlins and The Evil Empire last season, and stunk pretty bad for both clubs, so he should be able to see that the Mets knew what they were doing by moving on. It would be nice if he came back to the Mets now as a coach or as a broadcaster, as he's shown he's very capable there in his work with ESPN. Maybe he can also make up with Chris Russo. Leiter was a bit of a baby with that whole thing too.

The other prediction writers have made is that he has a future in politics. I am not sure I would support Al The Candidate, but I do appreciate the way he pitched for The Mets in his time with the club. I've even forgiven him for that time he told The New York Times he was having trouble "staying motivated" while pitching in 2004.

Anyway, all the best to you, Al... good luck!

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Tubby said...

Have you forgiven him for the time when he tried to talk Delgado out of coming to NY?