Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back From San Diego - The Long Way

What a weekend! I missed Friday night's game because ridiculous thunderstorms knocked off the DirecTV right at game time. Then I took a super early flight out Saturday morning to San Diego. I worked Saturday, and then checked out the Padres playing the Mariners. It was Transplanted Mets Fan Night at Petco Park. The ballpark is really nice, though I think as new ballparks go Camden Yards and Citizens Bank are a little nicer. The cool thing is that it's right in the heart oif the city, which is unusual for a newer park. We were able to walk to it from the hotel.

I'll be posting pictures soon, but the first thing I saw when I walked through the gates was a Mike Piazza banner. It was a great night even before the game started. I had a tasty ballpark sausage and a beer, and PETCO had a promotion where you spun a wheel and I won a $5 gift card for the store. Transplanted Mets Fan Night at PETCO continued as the game started, when after the forst half of the 1st, they ran a Mike Piazza video as a Padres Hero. Then Piazza crushed the first pitch he saw into the third deck of the Metal Supply Building. It was the first of 8 homeruns hit in the game. Later on, right after a video presentation of the highlights of the previous night's game, in which Mike Cameron was the star, Cameron hit a homer of his own. The Padres lost the game, as did the Mets in Toronto, but I'm real glad I got to see PETCO park and our own transplanted Ex-Mets. Unfortunately Carl Everett failed in his lone opportunity to get in on the action, grounding into a double play to end the top of the eighth for the Mariners. When all was said and done, the Seattle Mariners beat the San Diego Transplanted Ex-Mets 9-5.

I was supposed to be back yesterday morning, but my connecting flight from Atlanta was cancelled at 5:30 yesterday morning, forcing me to rent a car and drive the seven hours back to Greensboro on three hours sleep. But I'm refreshed and ready to go now. Hopefully teh Mets are too, as they take on the Red Sox tonight! Lets Go Mets!!!

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