Monday, July 31, 2006

Mets Make A Deal II - Trade for Padres RHP Scott Linebrink

The Mets have traded Heath Bell and just-acquired Oliver Perez to the Padres for RHP Scott Linebrink.

Who Is Scott Linebrink?

The Good - Linebrink has a 3.78 ERA this eason with a 6-2 ERA. Batters are hitting just .248 off him, and he has 44 K's in 50 innings pitched.

The Bad - In his last four appearances he allowed 7 runs on 11 hits in just 3 1/3 innings pitched, increasing his ERA from 2.70 on July 22nd a full pint to 3.78 today. He's also allowed 9 HR's in 50 innings this season.

The Ugly - Linebrink blew 6 out of 7 save opportunities this season. Thankfully, he shouldn't have any more of those opportunities the rest of this season.

Update - Matt Cerrone says this deal has not been completed, and might not be a deal at all. Oh Well. I think we may be better off with Bell anyway.

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