Thursday, August 03, 2006

What A Steal! Mets Sign Reyes To Long Term Contract

By way of Matt Cerrone, we learn that Adam Rubin says that the Mets and Jose Reyes have come to terms on a four year, $23.25 million contract, with a fifth-year option. What a steal. This 23 year old is now only making about $5.76 million more (per year) than me!

The Mets edged past the Fish 6-5 last night, thanks to some early heroics by teh Mets offense. Keith Hernandez criticized Jose Reyes a bit last night for his fielding. Keith doesn't liek how Reyes stays flat footed on balls that aren't hit to him. There was aball that glanced off Wright's glove that Reyes might have converted into an out if he had been backjing up the play in the first place. Keith admitted he was nitpicking but i'm curious to see if this becomes a recurring theme...

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