Monday, July 17, 2006

Ode To Clifford The Big Red Dog

Rub a dub dub
The Mets beat the Cubs
As day turned to night
New York showed off its might.

As sure as Wrigley Field
Is baseball heaven
The game was a laugher,
The score 13 to seven

The Mets didn't miss
Jose Reyes or his Pinky
Even though their starter
Orlando was El Stinqie

The Mets brought their A-game
And his name is Cliff Floyd
He totaled five RBI's
With two homers deployed

He and Carlos Beltran
Each hit Grand Slams
Both in one inning
And I said Hot Damn!

The Mets are rolling
This truth can't be denied
Just check the box score
If you think that I lied

Check the standings too
As long as you're at it.
See ya later Atlanta
You've just about had it.

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