Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Transplanted Mets Fan Night At Dolphin Stadium

It's bad enough that the Jets have to play in Giants Stadium, but I actually think it's even more insulting for the Marlins to have to play in Dolphin Stadium. BUT, I was fortunate enough to be one of the twelve people in attendance tonight as the Expos downed the Marlins 7-6.

I missed yet another Mike Pelrey start due to my being transplanted out of earshot, but I enjoyed watching the scoreboard as Pelfrey won his second big league start, backed by another Grans Salami by Carlos Beltran. For a nice recap of the Mets 8-3 win over the Reds check out Mike S's MikesMets.com. I'll use this space to jot down some notes on my visit to Dolphin Stadium for the Marlins/Nationals game. I'll post photos Friday when I get home. Meanwhile...

Are the Marlins the only team in baseball with cheerleaders? Call me a non-purist, but this is a nice tradition that should spread be around the league.

Our seats were phenemonal. Row 11, right behind home plate. We were just over from where the scouts sit, but not close enough to them to tell if any were from the Mets organization.

Even the beermen are tourists in Florida, apparently. They all wear Hawaiian shirts.

Transplanted Ex-Mets Mike Stanton, Marlon Anderson, Alex Escobar (remember him?), and Mike Jacobs all made appearances, with varying degrees of success.

Dontrelle Willis had some dominating moments, but clearly just did not have it tonight. The first pitch he threw was launched for a homerun by Alfonso Soriano.

Speaking of Soriano, whenever he came to the plate, the organist played the theme from "Happy Days". Anyone out there have an idea what the meaning behind this is? When Nationals pitcher Mike O'Connor came to the plate, they played the theme from "All In The Family," referencing Caroll O'Connor. ButI don't get the Soriano bit.
Update 7/19:
I just got it. I woke up at 3 AM realizing Alfonso - Fonzie - The Fonz. Duh. I should have gotten that, with how much I've been talking about Edgardo "Fonzie" Alfonzo lately....

Not Cool Moment Of The Game:In the sixth, they played a blooper reel on the giant scoreboards. The first two clips were of Lastings Milledge at Fenway Park. Sheesh!

As I watched the out-of-town scoreboard, I honestly was getting a little nervous as the Mets held a 3-0 lead into the sixth. I was a little paranoid, worried I might be missing some Mets history. Thankfully they won without any balls being sent to Cooperstown.

There were quite a few "Nationals fans" in attendance, screaming their heads off late in the game. Please. I started an "Expos Sucks!" chant to try and shut them up. Really, how vociferous can you be as fans of a team with nothing but a two year heritage of mediocrity?

Weirdest play of the night was when Reggie Abercrombie (they GOTTA find a guy named Fitch to be his teammate) tried to bunt his way on base, and wound up coming all the way around to home plate and scoring when the ball was thrown away twice. Crazy.

Ultimately the game was won by transplanted Ex-Met Alex Escobar, with an RBI single in the ninth for D.C.. I was booing him earlier in the game when he argued with an umpire, claiming he should be awarded first base for being hit by a pitch. The ump said it hit the bat. I thought Escobar looked like a pansy up there pointing to his forearm. C'mon, man? You plan on staying in this league by getting hit by pitches? He struck out with the next pitch. I guess he shut me up in the ninth though.

So that's that. For a more professional recap of the game, check out ESPN's version. Oh, and by the way, there's a new Mets blog called MetsMole. Stop by and have a look!

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