Sunday, August 20, 2006

Early Morning Scare! Tom Glavine May Be Out For Season

I'm up early this morning, off to the airport for yet another business trip, but I stopped by the trusty computer to type a few words about last night's Magical reunion and win over the Rockies. What the online version of the Daily News gave me instead was this.

And then I read the article:

Tom may have a blood clot - Lefty's season is in jeopardy

Tom Glavine's health and his season are in jeopardy, a potentially crushing blow to the pitcher as well as to the Mets' World Series ambitions, the Daily News has learned. Sources said the southpaw has experienced coldness in a finger on his pitching hand, and that the cause of the alarming condition isn't yet known.

The 287-game winner is scheduled for a CT scan tomorrow, while an angiogram is planned for Wednesday.

Doctors are unsure whether the problem is related to a blood clot or possibly a "knot" in an artery near his left shoulder. Depending on the diagnosis, Glavine could miss little time or the rest of the season. The "knot" could require invasive surgery, while a clot might be able to be dissolved and limit the time lost.

Nice way to start a trip, huh?

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