Friday, August 25, 2006

Transplanting Myself To the Point Of Exhaustion

We had our company's national sales meeting down in Jacksonville this week. Between all the presentations and meetings, I was dependent on Metsblog and Hot Foot to keep me up do date on Metsdoings. I returned back Wednesday afternoon, and promptly headed to the UNCG campus, where I have started taking graduate school classes. I'm taking classes two nights a week, for three hours at a time. If all that weren't enough, I have a last-minute trip to Chicago next week as well. This is interfering greatly with my ability to follow the Mets! Due to my ridiculously hectic schedule, I've not seen, among other things, either of Dave Williams starts, Shawn Green in a Mets uniform, or even Guillermo Mota pitch.

Now, I am not giving up on blogging on this site, but I have to be honest with my readers (both of you) and admit that my perspective on the Mets is based more and more on what I read on other blogsites (thank you Mets Guy In Michigan, Metstradamus, Toasty Joe, The Metropolitans, et al), and than what I see with my own eyes.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take a nap. By the way, the Mets swept the Cardinals out of Shea Stadium yesterday, while sending down Lastings Milledge and Ricky Ledee, trading for Formerly Transplanted ex-met Kelly Stinnet, and placing Ramon Castro on the 60 day disabled list. Omar might be as tired as I am!

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J. Mark English said...

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