Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Nominee For The Metstradamus Hate List - Wallace Matthews

Today's Newsday column by Wallace Matthews wasn't the first to tick off Mets fans, but he may have topped himself.  That's why I'm nominating him for the daily hate list posted by Metstradamus.  I think this columnist is at least worthy enough to supplant Adam Wainwright for a day or two.  Wallace chides Mets fans for doing what they do - believe.   He thinks there's no reason for us to have any kind of hope this year - that this was our best chance of going to the World Series and that Minaya and Wilpon are fooling themselves if they think this was the start of many years of success.  The reason he cites is that there is now parity in baseball:

"Whichever team wins the World Series between the Detroit Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals will represent the seventh different team to win it all in the last seven years, and four of the previous five did not even make the playoffs the following year."

Um, okay.  All that means to me is that if the Cardinals win the World Series this year, recent history means they won't make the playoffs in 2007.  Which is fine with me.  Actually, bringing up the Cardinals was the dumbest example Matthews could have used.  Matthews must have forgotten 2004, when everyone thought the Cardinals would win it all.  They had the best team, and rolled all the way to the World Series, where they were met by the Boston Red Sox and got swept in four games.  I guess Matthews would have said they were done then too.  But here they are, and last night those bastards just won game one against this year's "Team Of Destiny." 

Yes, there haven't been consecutive World Championships by any franchise since the Junkees did it back in the nineties.  But those Yankees have sniffed October every year for the past 11.  The Braves were in the playoffs for 14 straight years until this one.  Padres? Two years straight.  Cardinals?  Third consecutive year.  A's?  Six of the last seven.  Yeah, the Mets should just give up.

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David Lennon says Willie Randolph will get a contract extension very soon.  Can't argue with that.  Yes, some of Willie's strategic moves are questionable, but his players respect him, and play hard for him, and he doesn't get caught up in the circus, so he's got my love and respect too. WillieBall!

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Ken Davidoff says Manny Ramirez wants to be traded, but Davidoff doubts the Sox will find a match.  Keep moving, Omar.  Nothing to see here.

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Tubby said...

Yeah that Wallace Matthews article was way over the top. Only a few days ago this same guy was writing articles about how good the Mets were. There's no reason why the Mets can't make the playoffs again next year. It's not going to be easy, but it can be done. And who knows, they could even be better. The Red Sox were devastated in the 2003 NLCS by your favorite team, the Junkees. Then they came back in 2004 and won it all. You just never know. That's what baseball teaches you. You just can't predict baseball. Oh and btw I saw Buggy today and he starts breaking my balls about the Mets. He compared Beltran to AROD! He was rooting for the Cardinals, that bastard. Which is something I don't understand. Why should a 'Yankees fan' really get fired up and hope the Mets lose? I didn't really mind when the Yankees won in 1996 because they hadn't in so long. Plus they beat the Braves. But they have won quite enough since then to make it really annoying. But the Mets? They haven't been good for so long. So why be so hateful? They must be getting nervous.