Saturday, October 21, 2006

A New Act For Acta?

Manny Acta might be a transplanted ex-Met soon.  The Mets third base coach interviewed for the manager's job for the Texas Rangers yesterday, and came away "optimistic," according to a report on  Acta has been on the Mets coaching staff for two years.  His fellow coach Jerry Manuel might be in line for a manager's job next season too.

Of more pressing concern to the Mets than replacing some coaches though is what team will be employing Tom Glavine next season.  Even though the Mets hold a $14 million team option for 2007, Glavine was noncommital to a return engagement yesterday, saying that his quest for 300 wins is intact, but it's between staying with the Mets or going back to Atlanta where his family still resides.

I'm curious to see how these negotiations go.  The Mets obviously need Glavine in 2007, but will they try to negotiate a lower salary than 14 mil?  Will Glavine ask for more?  Hmmm.

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