Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dayn Perry: Signing Moises Alou is Best Move in Baseball So Far This Offseason

In a posting for Fox, Dayn Perry says that there's only been one good signing so far this season, and it's the Mets signing of Moises Alou to a one year deal. He lists the 5 worst signings so far this offseason, and then says Moises Alou is the only smart move so far.

1. Moises Alou, OF, Mets, one year, $8.5M

In this overheated market — and when you're the deep-pocketed Mets — a one-year, $8.5-million pact is basically free. Alou has poor fielding range these days, and he's gimpy. However, he can still rake (.304 AVG/.371 OBP/.548 SLG over the last three seasons). The Mets badly need better production from the outfield corners, and they also badly need help against left-handed pitching. Alou betters them — by a lot — on both counts. This deal is further evidence that Omar Minaya has developed into one of the smartest GMs in the game today.

So there. Of course, once the Glavine deal gets done, that will have to rank above it, whichever team he decides to go with. So then the Mets will have made the two best signings (or the Braves the best signing).

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