Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Popper: Glavine Still Not On Speaking Terms with John Schuerholz

Steve Popper says that although Tom Glavine has yet to decide whether to re-sign with the Mets or go back to the Braves, he's letting his agent find out what the Braves have to offer, presumably because he's still miffed about the breach of trust in GM John Schuerholz's book this past Spring.

Glavine has not spoken to Braves' GM John Schuerholz and won't -- leaving the discussions to his agent after a rift developed when Schuerholz detailed their negotiations in a book.

Popper also believes that the Braves don't have any chance of signing Glavine unless they give him a no-trade clause, something they've never given to any player.

Glavine, according to a person close to him, is still waiting to hear what the Braves have to say. And if the first words don't include a no-trade clause, the discussions will end there.

This article gives me some glimmer of hope that El Duque won't be the Mets Opening Day starter in 2007.

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