Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bad News Wednesday - says Zito to Sign With Giants
Mets days on WFAN May Be Numbered

I hate to post negative posts, but I must. I am fortunate enough to be in New York this week, seeing my family and friends to ring in the New Year. There is also some Mets business to take care of. My buddy and I are off to Shea Stadium to take an early glimpse of Citi Field construction. If there's anything to see, I'll post the pictures when I get back to Greensboro. has a story posted where it's said that Zito's representatives have told the Rangers he will not be signing with Texas. For some reason, the Rangers took that to mean he will soon sign with the San Francisco Giants.

Metphistopheles has a posting speculating that the Mets days on WFAN are numbered, as one by one, Infinity stations are giving up their rights to local baseball teams. This is bad news for transplanted, out-of-market Mets fans who are within WFAN's signal, which extends pretty far at night. The Mets contract with WFAN ends after teh 2008 season, and Infinity has the rights to Yankees games on WCBS. Theoretically they could let the Mets go and move the Yankees broadcasts down to their sports station.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I just report what I read, folks!

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