Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Zito Chronicles

Almost everyone suspects that the Mets have been the frontrunners all along for aquiring Zito's services, it really comes down to dollars and sense. It's a big cat and mouse game between the Mets and Boras about how much to pay Zito.

First we heard Zito was uber-interested in playing for the Mets and reuniting with his old pitching coach Rick Peterson. Advantage: Mets

Then we heard Texas would get involved in the derby, with Tom Hicks and his deep pockets firmly in pursuit of Barry. Advantage: Boras

Contracts begin being signed by lesser free agents for ridiculous dollar amounts. Advantage: Boras

Tom Glavine re-signs with the Mets, lessening the Mets desperation. Advantage: Mets

Zito and Boras meet with the Rangers in Texas. Advantage: Boras

Jeff Suppan, the Mets fall-back option, signs with Milwaukee. Advantage: Boras

The Yankees look to trade Randy Johnson, and it's speculated that successfully moving him would put them in the Zito sweepstakes. Advantage: Boras.

Texas lets it be known that if they don't come to an agreement with Zito this weekend, they'll move on to pursue other options. Advantage: Mets?

We fans are just caught in the balance!

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