Friday, December 22, 2006

Best of The Blogs

My fellow Mets bloggers are in the holiday spirit this week...

Mets Guy in Michigan rewrites "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" and then posts his favorite Christmas albums of the year.

Dan from Lonestar Mets rewrites "A Wonderful Life" (the whole movie!) as a Mets movie.

Steve at The Eddie Kranepool Society has dreams of a Rios and Zito New Year.

Greg at Faith and Fear in Flushing has apparently been watching Ben Franklin's biography on The History Channel.

Metstradamus blames himself for Chris Woodward's departure to the dark side.

Mike from Mike's Mets thinks Michael Morrissey needs to stop seeing the clouds in every silver lining.

Mets Grrl claims to have Barry Zito's iPod playlist.

Zoe likes the Mets new Santa Claus.

Finally, Toasty Joe takes a break from Isiah bashing to update his list of facts about Carols Beltran's mole.

And don't forget to visit Metsblog and HotFoot for the most comprehensive Mets coverage available!

Happy Holidays!

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