Thursday, January 25, 2007

Three More Years Of Willie Ball;
Wallace Matthews Is A Moron

In a deal expected to be announced today, the New York Mets and Willie Randolph agreed in principle to a new three-year, $5.65-million contract that runs through 2009.

Yesterday's back cover of Newsday headlined an article by Wallace Matthews in which Matthews chastised the lack of an extension for Randolph, stating there must be "some lingering doubt about Randolph's capabilities or some festering resentment about the way the season ended and who was to blame." Matthews accused the Mets of not being "able to find the time or the money to make a deal." He said that there could be "no other explanation."

Well Wallace, I'm sure Minaya and the Wilpons feel really bad that it took one day longer than you thought necessary to come to terms on a contract. Willie's contract pays him an average of $1.9mm a year, nearly twice the annual salaries of "the likes of Ned Yost or Clint Hurdle or Eric Wedge," so now it is you who is looking bad.

As Mike Lupica wrote in today's column, the Mets treated actually treated Willie really well, " they gave him a really good deal, and more job security than Torre has right now, about as much job security as anybody managing in the big leagues has right now."

But don't go expecting apologies from Matthews or Newsday. In fact, the caption below today's Newsday back cover headline says that "In yesterday's Newsday, Wallace Matthews called for the Mets to extend Randolph's contract, and they delivered." Can you believe they are actually trying to take credit for getting this deal done, a deal three months in the works? Give me a break!

Here's where Willie's $1.4million 2007 salary will rank in Major League Baseball 2007 salaries for managers:

Joe Torre, NYY $7.5 million
Lou Piniella, CHC $3.5 million
Bobby Cox, ATL $3 million
Tony La Russa, STL $2.8 million
Mike Scioscia, LAA $2 million
Jim Leyland, DET $2 million
Bruce Bochy, SF $1.75 million
Terry Francona, BOS $1.65 million
Phil Garner, HOU $1.5 million
Willie Randolph, Mets $1.4 million
Mike Hargrove, SEA $1.3 million
Ron Gardenhire, MIN $1.25 million
Ozzie Guillen, CHW $1.1 million
Eric Wedge, CLE $1.025 million
Jim Tracy, PIT $1 million
Bob Melvin, ARI $875,000
Buddy Bell, KC $825,000
Ned Yost, MIL $825,000
Clint Hurdle, COL $800,000
Charlie Manuel, PHI $800,000
Jerry Narron, CIN $600,000
Grady Little, LAD $600,000
Sammy Perlozzo, BAL $600,000
Ron Washington, TEX $600,000
Joe Maddon, TAM $550,000
John Gibbons, TOR $500,000
Manny Acta, WAS $500,000
Bob Geren, OAK $500,000

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